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It was an epic day Fisherman reels in 146kg marlin from tinny

A New Zealand fisherman spent more than an hour reeling in a 146-kilogram marlin, then towed it to shore as it was too big to fit on his boat.
Josh Roberts, 25, was on board his four-metre tinny, Rocket 1410, when he made the whopper catch on Friday.

Josh Roberts took a selfie following his massive catch.

Photo: Josh Roberts


I’ve caught other fish but I’ve never caught a striped marlin. I’ve been targeting one for the past 10 years, he said.
The marlin was too big to pull into the boat and was towed to shore.
“It was pretty awesome to go out and catch my first one,” the Whangarei man said.


Mr Roberts grew up fishing and boating with his family and even commutes to work at Refining NZ on his boat.
He had loaded up his line with live bait on Friday and dropped it where he had seen gannets on the surface of the water.

The marlin was too big to pull into the boat and was towed to shore.

Photo: Josh Roberts

About 90 minutes later, “the bait that was on the [ocean] bottom got nailed”, he said.
Reeling in the marlin took about an hour, and there were some hairy moments.
About 30 minutes in, “the fish started jumping into the water and it was like ‘no, this is the point where I lose it’,” Mr Roberts said.
Once it was safely at the boat, he realised there was no way he was getting it on board.

Smoking the fish was a task that took two days.

Photo: Josh Roberts

He secured it to the tinny, then headed back to shore as there were a few sharks hanging around, he said.
Next, it was time to weigh the fish. Roberts was expecting it to tip the scales at about 115kg.
“Once I saw it crank up to 146kg it was just like ‘woohoo!'” he said. “It was an epic day.”
Mr Roberts used his father-in-law’s smoker to smoke the marlin – a task that took two days – and has already given away nearly 50kg of it to his colleagues.
He also plans to give some to his neighbours and send some to his family in Christchurch.
Now that he has caught a striped marlin, his next target is a broadbill swordfish.

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