top fishing shark Jessica Jae and girlfriends go SHARK fishing 2017

483 views 01 January 2017
Long time no see.. well thats all going to change. Videos like this one you're about to watch are my absolute favorite fishing videos because it's just the girls and I. Not to mention both of these lovely ladies (that I don't know what I would do without) I met them through fishing! So if it wasn't for fishing I would have never met them and I would be one sad puppy! Love my girls! ok now i'll stop before I get all mushy gushy.. Now watch and enjoy this short video of a couple of Florida girls catching sharksnearshore... and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. I also love any thoughts, comments, or  concerns. lol So hit me up with some feedback! I actually also really do like when you have something nice to say as well.. those always make my day. 

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